Testosterone Replacement Therapy Side Effects

Many men are turning to testosterone replacement therapy to increase their levels. Low levels of testosterone can cause a range of symptoms including lack of energy, reduced sex drive, and muscle loss. Manufacturers of testosterone-replacement therapy products are advertising their products as effective ways to combat these symptoms and restore a man's virility. The market for testosterone products is growing at an astounding rate, with sales estimated to hit $5 billion by 2017.To determine if a man's testosterone levels are low enough to warrant the treatment, a doctor will perform a blood test. This is usually done twice a day, when testosterone levels are highest. A doctor must receive two low-testosterone readings for a diagnosis to be made. Testosterone replacement is only effective in men who have low levels of testosterone. Here at online trt clinic you will be able to find the best  testosterone replacement therapy services.

The procedure has the potential to increase side effects.Injections: There are several forms of testosterone replacement therapy. Intramuscular testosterone injections are the most effective way to raise testosterone levels, while subcutaneous testosterone injections can be equally effective. Intramuscular testosterone injections are administered using a needle that penetrates deep into the muscle. Testosterone gel and patches are also effective. Testosterone gel and patches can be applied to the skin daily. Unlike intramuscular injections, these methods allow men to continue their normal lifestyle while taking the medication.

Testosterone replacement therapy may also improve sexual function. In addition to increasing sexual desire, it may also improve symptoms like infertility. It may also cause physical changes like increased body fat and decreased muscle mass, swollen breasts, and lowered bone density. Among the side effects are mood swings and bloating. Talk to your healthcare provider about the pros and cons of testosterone replacement therapy. These are only some of the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy. Take a look at this link for more information about testosterone replacement therapy. While the safety of TRT is still not 100% certain, doctors recommend that men who take it receive a physical exam every three to six months. This will help detect any side effects before they become serious. Serious side effects, such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, or weakness of the body, should be immediately treated. In addition to cardiovascular risks, testosterone replacement therapy has been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. In addition, the risk of stroke and heart attack has increased by as much as 30 percent in some men who take the medication. The market for TRT is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2022, up from $2 billion in 2012. According to Global Industry Analysts, the increase in demand is primarily due to an increasing awareness of hypogonadism, a medical condition wherein the testes do not produce enough testosterone. According to the National Institutes of Health, around 30 percent of men over age 65 suffer from hypogonadism. Other factors contributing to market growth include the increasing availability of TRT therapies and the preference for simple-to-use products. Another condition associated with late pubertal timing is voice breaking. Several studies have linked this self-reported condition with later puberty. In addition, late pubertal maturation may be linked with substance use and anxiety. This could mean a delayed onset of testosterone therapy. In such cases, it may be necessary to delay the onset of therapy until later in life. Therefore, a hematocrit level of 54% should be monitored every year to ensure safe therapy. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testosterone_undecanoate.


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